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Pick a song from the list:
Boss of Me Brainwash Change My Mind Direction Dur
Not Even A Minute Motivation My Every Move Normal Pissing Everyone Off
Mentally and Physically Sick Sick of it Stomach Bug Stupid Suburb Rock
Doing This For Us Putting Up A Fight

Suburb Rock

There's plenty of reasons people say me and my friends suck but
There is one reason we seem to get a lot
We're stupid white kids from the suburbs trying to play guitar
Without mommy's help we can't go far
We're from the suburbs who cares (we still think we're cool)
We're from the suburbs (We rock our all white school)-Hey one black kid!
Sorry we're not living in the ghetto or homeless ont he street
We all live pretty decent lives with good homes and family's
There may be rips in our jeans and holes in our shirts but
they didn't come there naturally we put them there with knives
Hey we like the way we look we're doing this for us
All we do is play shitty suburb rock
We play it in the basement for my deaf dog
You may not like the way we look or like the way we sound
the way we act the way we act may drive you insane
but we wouldn't want to have it any other way
We listen to Nofx and pretend to steal things from cars
Hey we're from the Suburbs sorry we pissed you off
Hey we're fromt he suburbs sorry we pissed you off
We pissed you off