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Pick a song from the list:
Boss of Me Brainwash Change My Mind Direction Dur
Not Even A Minute Motivation My Every Move Normal Pissing Everyone Off
Mentally and Physically Sick Sick of it Stomach Bug Stupid Suburb Rock
Doing This For Us Putting Up A Fight


What did you just say?

Of course I get it can you explain it to me anyway

Your words go right through my head

Of course I'm listening

Why do you think I'm not?

Guess I should stop staring into space

Cause I always got you on my case!

Oh here it goes another day I'm going to try really hard

No I'll blow it off like all the other days of my slacker life.

Am I stupid, cause I don't try?

Or am I stupid, Because my brain is fried?

It must be because my brain is fried.

Once again your words make no sense to me.

I'm stupid I just don't understand

Well it must be because my brain is fried.