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Pick a song from the list:
Boss of Me Brainwash Change My Mind Direction Dur
Not Even A Minute Motivation My Every Move Normal Pissing Everyone Off
Mentally and Physically Sick Sick of it Stomach Bug Stupid Suburb Rock
Doing This For Us Putting Up A Fight

Mentally and Physically Sick

I'm walking around my head

Trying to find my mind

They're lost in a pile of wood

I can't find

To weak to pick the pieces up

I wish that I could

So my mind goes into a daze

And I can't even eat food.

My head is filled with bricks

Slowly weighing me down

Snapping my legs like sticks

Now I'm barely off the ground

I'm walking on a thin line blind folded

Can't tell if I'm dead

My head is spinning faster and faster

I'm to lazy to go to bed

Can't see an inch infront of me

My entire lifes a blur

Bloodshot eyes and a pale face

I'm just a big discrace