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Boss of Me Brainwash Change My Mind Direction Dur
Not Even A Minute Motivation My Every Move Normal Pissing Everyone Off
Mentally and Physically Sick Sick of it Stomach Bug Stupid Suburb Rock
Doing This For Us Putting Up A Fight

Putting up a fight

Throw me in a room

Lock me up

It doesn't make me

Give a fuck

Tell me i'm wrong

Tell me that you are right

I'm not going down with out

Putting up a fight

It's not fair- just because you say it is

It's not fair- i know that you know it's not

It's not fair- and just because life's not fair

Doesn't mean that being not fair is right

Tell me to shut-up

Tell me to be quiet

It doesn't mean i'm not gonna

Throw a fucking riot

You say that you are right

But i'm not going down without

Putting up a fight

It's just so stupid

It's just so lame

It's just so stupid

I have work to do sorry i didn't play that basketball game

I dont' even care i'm not gonna give up

I know that you dont' even give a fuck

About me cause' your authority

So won't you label me

I'm still

Putting up a fight