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Pick a song from the list:
Boss of Me Brainwash Change My Mind Direction Dur
Not Even A Minute Motivation My Every Move Normal Pissing Everyone Off
Mentally and Physically Sick Sick of it Stomach Bug Stupid Suburb Rock
Doing This For Us Putting Up A Fight

Not Even A Minute

Searching myself for the last peices of me before I turn out to what everyone wants me to be

I'm losing myself running out of time

No wonder I have growing up on my mind

Why should I grow up and throw this all away?

Why keep working and working we all end up the same way?

All happy and smiles is what I used to be

Now look at what the world has done to me

It tore me appart, shredding me to bits

Spitting me out with all the other once hopefull kids

I look ahead at the results

I watch all of the adults

Is that what will happen to me?

All the same with way to much reality

What is your biggest fear?

One of mine is to look like that old guy over there

Just some old guy sitting all alone

Pretending to talk to someone on the phone

If I ever get that way I'll kill myself

If I don't have the strength I'll have someone else


First you're a kid having fun

Then you're a teen trying to please everyone

Then you're an adult with the same old routine

Then you're six feet underground if you know what I mean

I'm saying this now but I know it won't last

I can't keep running what's past is past

My life as I know it will soon be gone

What I now think is right I will then think is wrong

I'll forget what's like to be 14

Foget how I realized everything's just a dream

But then I'll find, I'll find this song

And laugh out loud as I read along

I'll laugh at how stupid I was

At how young and nieve I was

But does any of this matter anyway?

None of this matters...

Not even this stupid song.