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22 October: NEW SHOW! At the Kent County YMCA! This friday! Go! Have fun!

12 August: First off, lack of updates is totally my fault, sorry to all the band and their fans. I left for the summer and didn't tell them how to update...
Lots of new stuff!
NEW SHOW! At the Living Room, August 25th. Also, another upcoming show September 13th at AS220! Get more info in the "Shows" section!
SEXY NEW PHOTOS! Ladies, I know you're going to just cream your pants over these sizzling new photos of Mr Happy in action, but please, try to keep it in your pants. Check them out in the "Pictures" section
Two new songs!

06 May: Um, I decided to change the site to make it easier to update and look pretty and stuff... everything should work by the end of the night! (Jess said it was okay, don't kill me)

1 March: Accidie has a show at AS220 so all the people who are too good for the living room can finally come see them!
From the AS220 website:
Musicality: A benefit for Nick O'Neil, featuring: Cheater's Fare, Too Far Ahead, Lemon-Lime Tennis Shoes, Accidie, Aderol, Coming Of Age, and Waste Away. For more information please call (401) 289-0202. $2

16 January: Accidie played and awesome show and sold the place out! Yeah! Parents are always a great audience. Go to the pictures section to see pics from the show.

25 November: What's not new?! New layout, which, if I may say so, is TOTALLY bitching. I'm a big fan, I think it rocks. I'll be re-doing some graphics, a little touch up here and there. But I think I did a good job. Yerp.

So Accidie played an awesome set at the Living Room. Everyone thought they were great, they got some offers to play other venues too. Totally ace.
Okay, that's about it. I'll stop speaking for the band.

06 November: Three new songs!

24 October: New show!!! Accidie's playing another show at the Living Room! This time with local band Cheaters Fare! Go! have fun! To learn more, go to the "Shows" section!

2 September: Re-did the picture section with some brand new photos! and remember to check out Accidie's new show! See dates and places in the Shows section!!! Yes, that's all.

29 August: New section! All about the shows! Accidie's playing a show at the Living Room! Check it out!! To learn more, go to the brand-new "Shows" section!

21 August: New guestbook, sorry the old one had to go, but Beseen shut down. Sign away people!

01 August: I put the new songs up...updated the members pages....and new pictures should be coming soon!

27 June: Accidie now has a brand spankin new drummer! Say hello to Kristen (she's from Canada, racy eh?). Her member page is up and running! Rock.

20 April: Celtae has left the band to fight forest fires and wage a war against pollution. We salute you.

26 March: Pictures up! w00t!

07 March: Guest book up! I r0x0r5 your mom!

03 March: I'm still alive. No really, I swear.

24 February: 1 AM in the morning. Sock puppet won't leave me alone. Posted all the songs. Guestbook still not working. All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. ::twitch::

23 February: Web master offically crazy. Talking to sock puppet. All but guestbook and picture gallery up.

22 February: Web master begining to go crazy...losing sleep. Members, Contact, Guestbook (w/o actual book) working

21 February: Web site started, front page up and working!