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Kristen the Canadian


Age: 16

Instrument: drums

Favorite bands: Weezer, Gob, Sublime, Chixdiggit, NoFx, Lagwagon, Five Iron Frenzy, Brand New, The Paranoids, LiveOnRelease, Green Day, Homegrown

Personal quote: "Hello! Would you like me to make you a grilled cheese sandwich?"
"I hope you catch genital herpes and itch forever!"

Comments: "Every morning, I wake up and I smoke a cigarette. Then, I eat five strips of bacon. For lunch, a bacon sandwich. For a midday snack, bacon - a whole damn plate of it. And I usually drink my dinner. Now, according to all of the flat-bellied experts, I should've taken a dirt nap thirty years ago. But each year comes and goes, and I'm still here while they all keep dying." - Burgess Meredith