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Accidie : Wicked Music

Fan Mail!!
We is loved! guys blow! guys make "Sherif Bob and the Coathangers" look like "Disturbed"!!! Your drums and vocals blow the big one...and the guitars...there so would sound better if you just got rid of them all together! well i got to go..bye
well pussy huh fine here right out straight for you YOU SUCK ROYALLY jess you cant sing for shit and your drummer has the seat permenantly welded into her ass so it only faces the ride symbol at all times i hate the way you sound and cheaters fare makes you look even worse than you are already
and one other thing you never knew you were punk...thats because your so bad there is no realy clasification for you...just that you suck im sorry to have had insulted to all of punk music by stating you sound vaguely like you wanted to be a fallen punk band who never made it and sucked more than life itself....but not you
Seriously, This is starting to piss me off too. Jess and Mae just run over here as soon as they hear something bad about thier band, they bitch about it, and then claim that "They don't care". Well make up your minds. Ethier care, or don't. You're such hypocrites. People are pussy's if they don't tell you "You suck" to your face. Theres going to be plenty of people that don't like you. You can't go around calling them all pussy's. Maybe they don't care enough to tell you that you suck, and maybe people will tell you.
So people can't say anything bad about you without being pussy's. Yet you can come onto our guestbook and start shit with us? Get your morals in check. And if you can't even deal with people, then good luck, cause theres going to be(is) plenty of people that hate you

Thanks for all the letters guy! Keep those pen moving! We love to hear from you!!